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Online E-Learning

The future of learning is here with IAcademy, Infinity Academy’s online training portal which affords you to conclude courses at your own time, place, and leisure all simply online.

Online Learning Certificates are downloadable on successful completion of the specific course concluded. IAcademy optimizes both business training needs & your individual career goals and objectives.

Please also take advantage of the free added value courses for your perusal too.

Short Courses

Short courses are a sought after feature of the emerging education and training system of South Africa.

This kind of provisioning is particularly associated with “just in time” and “just enough” learning to meet a specific need in workplace environments.

Therefore, it is considered a viable and common method for optimal workplace functioning in all contexts and greatly facilitates access to learning in a manageable manner in terms of cost, time, energy and resources, for both the employer and employee.

IAcademy has developed top-quality online learning, this site is updated on a regular basis offering new relevant South African courses covering Compliance, Real Estate, Essential Skills, Business And Marketing Short Courses. Popular courses include Canva, Instagram, POPIA, PAIA, Logbook online and lots more to choose from